2017 Review

If 2015 was the year of enlightenment and 2016 was the year of widening horizon, then 2017 was the year of our art work development. After two years of exploring what we love, we travelled worldwide to learn fine art wedding photography and floral work. In 2017, we improvised fine art wedding photography, makeup and floral work together in our own vision. This becomes our signature.

It's heartbreaking my mom left us this year. She was the one who accepted me unconditionally. She taught me to be a genuine person. I believe that she will continue to be with us and share the joy with our artwork. Thanks my wife ,Shadow for her expert companion during this hard time. I love her makeup and flowers so much. Most importantly, it’s a blessing that we share the same aesthetics . Without our adherence to our art curation, Savour Productions is nobody. 

In spite of the growing market in “fine art" wedding photography, only few of them could achieve the true beauty. Thanks everyone who loves our work and trusts us! Your lovely words make me happy with sense of satisfaction. Thanks our vendors who support us, encourage us and create beautiful images with us! Fine art wedding photography is not an easy pathway in Hong Kong but we will never give up!

In 2018, we believe that our art work would become flourished by appreciating our life and beauty of the universe. We continue to study worldwide to get inspiration. We insist on using the best photo labs to develop our films. We continue to work with our customers to make their weddings look gorgeous!

Savour Productions 2018.jpg