Savour productions

We are a husband and wife duo who love fine art photography. We love capturing romantic and intimate moments which reflects your personality and soul.

In order to master it, we have studied with the world's leading fine art photographers, Jose Villa from Mexico, and Jen Huang and Kurt Boomer from the United States.

The best medium to use in fine art photography is film. In order to achieve the best results and most beautiful colors and tones, we send our film to well known photo labs in US. We also provide makeup and hairdo service that would make sure the total look is gorgeous.

Looking forward to creating artistic moments and to savouring every moment together with you!


Savour - 意思是品味、細味。
活在當下,細味生活中的美麗點滴並將當下紀錄成永恒,是我們創立 Savour Productions 的理想。我們的團隊很簡單:King 是攝影師;而 Shadow 是化妝師。

我們很喜歡藝術攝影-它是浪漫、永恆、有靈魂的、個性化的。我們善於運用最天然的媒介-自然光捕捉情侶間美麗而真摰的互動和連結。為了掌握藝術攝影的精髓,我們到了墨西哥跟 Jose Villa 學習;也到了美國跟 Jen Huang及法國跟Kurt Boomer 學習,決心將它帶進香港。

底片 (Film) 是藝術攝影最美麗的表達媒介。為了取得美麗動人的相片,我們將底片送到美國一流的曬相館沖曬。